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VoSE – Reminders for Fall

All Villages of Stonelake Estates Homeowners:

Fall is finally here (September 22). Please review the following list and take advantage of cooler fall temperatures to address the following as needed to keep the neighborhood looking beautiful.

1. Street Trees: As your street tree(s) grow, the canopy level will need to be raised to at least 6 feet tall. Otherwise, the limbs will be in contention with the users of the sidewalk and the street. After the temperatures cool, please remove some lower limbs from your street trees to be proactive.

2. Dry Trees: The water restrictions were brutal on trees this year. If you have a tree that looks dry or distressed, consider adding a gator bag or hand watering ($30 for a gator bag is “cheap” compared to the price of replacing a required tree). If you have a tree that is dead, be sure to have it replaced during the fall (replacement trees must be a minimum of 3” caliper in size).

3. Wood Doors: Wooden front doors and garage doors require regular maintenance. The rule of thumb is to apply varnish every 2 years. If you wait too long, you’ll need additional work (sanding, stain touch up, etc.). The varnish protects the wood from water damage. If doors are neglected for several years, they will need premature replacement and they are not cheap to buy. The good news is that after you have your doors maintained, they look like new which is very uplifting.  If you don’t have a painter, look on the VoSE Facebook page for recommendations.  (VoSE Facebook > Files > RecommendationsIf you are not a member, just request to join and you will be added.

4. Fence Maintenance: Please keep your fence stained to maintain it’s life. We’ve all seen the “irrigation archs” on fences from where your sprinklers spray the fence, so please re-stain as needed to avoid these – your fence will look much better and last much longer.

5. Shrub Pruning: Fall and Spring are the two times a year that shrubs need heavier maintenance to avoid getting overgrown. Also, make sure you don’t have a shrub blocking your cast-stone street number sign on your house.

6. Landscape Beds and Tree Wells – Weeds and grass love to creep into these and will take over if not kept at bay. Please spray Round up as needed, remove unwanted weeds and grass and add mulch as needed.

We appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, just call me or email.

Thanks very much,

Jackie Sterk
HOA Community Manager