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VoSE Neighborhood Watch now via Nextdoor!

An open letter from VoSE Neighborhood Watch:

VoSE Residents,

We'd like to first off thank all of you who have expressed interest in helping create a safer neighborhood, especially in light of the recent news of break-ins in our adjacent neighborhood. We've done some research and have come to the decision to use the website to coordinate and communicate. One of the reasons for this decision is the Frisco Police Department encourages this website and also communicates through it as well. You will also have the capability to get news from neighboring neighborhoods as well as Frisco news in general.

Please send an email to so we can then send you an invite to join the Villages of Stonelake Estates Neighborhood on Once you receive your invitation, it's a pretty simple process to get registered. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.


Your Neighborhood Watch!

If you have any questions regarding the VoSE Neighborhood Watch program or about volunteering to be a block captain, click NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH in the categories section (to the right) to see all NW related content.  Also, e-mail the VoSE NW coordinator at with any questions you may have.

Neighborhood Watch and CAN Follow Up

First off, we’d like to thank everyone who attended and supported our 1st Annual Community Awareness Night (CAN) on Saturday evening. I’d also like to thank the Block Captains who attended and the HOA Board for being very supportive. It was a great success with over 120 people attending. It was also great to see the support from our local law enforcement and firefighters – the ambulance, ladder truck, and police cars were very exciting for the kids! We also hope you were able to hang out with friends, meet some new people, and most of all, have a good time.

As a follow up, we have two documents that require your attention. The first is our Neighborhood Watch Flyer which provides very easy instructions for you to follow on how to best get notified in the event there is something going on in the community. As we receive contact information, we’re building a database to streamline communication.

The second document is the Neighborhood Watch Program Overview and the last page is the application for a Block Captain. If you are interested in getting more involved and being a point of contact for the neighborhood, then I strongly encourage you to become a Block Captain. We currently have about 14 volunteers in this capacity and can use many more. Once you fill out your application, please send it to the address at the bottom. They will now notify me of applications for our neighborhood so make sure you denote Villages of Stonelake Estates.

NW Flyer
Frisco NW Overview

We look forward to building a very successful Neighborhood Watch program to keep our community as safe as possible. Thank you.

Andy Hicks

Neighborhood Watch presents Community Awareness Night

We would like to invite you to our first annual Community Awareness Night (CAN) on Saturday, May 18th from 5-8pm.  CAN is a National Night Out event to promote and recognize Neighborhood Watch programs in the community.  Since we have just kicked off our very own NW Program, this event is perfect timing!

Please RSVP indicating # of attendees by noon on May 18th:

Here are the details:

  • We will be blocking off a portion of Nottingham Lane for the block party, probably from about the middle of the street to the end by the greenbelt.
  • We will provide a balloonist and face painter for the kids from 6-8pm
  • We will also be providing some pizza (hopefully enough to feed everyone but no guarantees so get there early!)
  • Since this is a community event, we ask that you bring the following:

– your favorite side dish or dessert to share
– your own beverages
– your favorite family outdoor game to play
(ie. balls to throw, bean bag toss, ladder ball, bocce, etc)
– comfortable chairs to sit in

Please come by to meet your neighbors, meet our new Neighborhood Watch Block Captains, and also pick up some information on best ways to remain in touch with the Neighborhood Watch program.  We realize this is late notice, so even if you have plans and cannot attend the party, please come by to pick up some of the information.  We are looking forward to it and pray for some good weather!!  See you soon!


Your Neighborhood Watch

UPDATED: Neighborhood Watch

To All Residents of Villages of Stonelake Estates:

Good evening, I hope you’re all well.  As a follow up to the informational meeting we had last month, I’d like to provide an update as to the Neighborhood Watch Program and Block Captain applications.

Thus far, I’ve received completed applications from the following:

Dagherty – Ireland Lane
Ventura – Ireland Lane
McCarty – Ireland Lane
Gillespie – Ashley Lane
Cohen – Edna Lane
Haggard – Riney Ct
Andrew – Story Lane
Guidry – Nottingham Lane
Whisenant – Nottingham Lane

I’m expecting the following completed applications from:

Giacoman – Camden Lane
Holmquist – Seaside Lane

It would be great to get some additional volunteers on the following streets as we do still have gaps in coverage:

Palm Springs

Otherwise, this is a great start and we appreciate all of your help.  If you’d like to volunteer, download the NW Watch Document and the last page is the Block Captain application.  Please fill this out and drop off at:

15147 Nottingham Lane

Next Steps:

Once we’ve solidified our Block Captains for the neighborhood we will be putting together a flyer to notify the residents of the program.

The Block Captains will then take this flyer and deliver it to their neighbors and also use this opportunity to make sure we have correct contact information for everyone.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Andy Hicks

Neighborhood Watch

To All Residents of Villages of Stonelake Estates:

Greetings to all and we hope this message finds you well.  As you are most likely aware, we have had a few scares near our neighborhood over the past few months with alleged child abductions.  This coupled with the horrific tragedy in Connecticut on Friday, we are launching a Neighborhood Watch program.  This is a 100% community effort and will be either a success or failure depending solely upon the involvement and enthusiasm of all of us.  However, we strongly believe, that since this program focuses first and foremost, on the safety of our children, we will have an overwhelming level of involvement and the program will be a huge success.

To kickoff the program, we will be hosting an informational meeting:

Where: Home of Andrew and Becky Hicks – 15147 Nottingham Lane
When: Thursday, January 10th from 8-9pm (light appetizers and beverages will be provided)

We will overview the NW program and the responsibilities of the community.  To note, the primary responsibility is to have Block Captains for each street (some will need 2 or co-captains due to volume). Applications will be available to all those who are interested and willing to serve in this capacity.  The application is fairly straightforward (ie background check, etc) and all completed applications will be gathered after the meeting and delivered to the Frisco Neighborhood Watch Association for review.  Our goal is to make everything simple and effective for you.

So here is what we need from you prior to this meeting.

1)  If you are interested in learning more and plan on attending the meeting please send an RSVP email to Andrew Hicks at with the following information:

Your name
Street you live on
Best contact number

2)  If you are interested in learning more and cannot attend the meeting, please send an email to Andrew Hicks at with the same info as above but please put in the subject line: “Cannot Make NW meeting”

In closing, we look forward to this program increasing the safety of our neighborhood and building a stronger community.  Happy Holidays to all!


Andrew Hicks