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Neighborhood Watch

To All Residents of Villages of Stonelake Estates:

Greetings to all and we hope this message finds you well.  As you are most likely aware, we have had a few scares near our neighborhood over the past few months with alleged child abductions.  This coupled with the horrific tragedy in Connecticut on Friday, we are launching a Neighborhood Watch program.  This is a 100% community effort and will be either a success or failure depending solely upon the involvement and enthusiasm of all of us.  However, we strongly believe, that since this program focuses first and foremost, on the safety of our children, we will have an overwhelming level of involvement and the program will be a huge success.

To kickoff the program, we will be hosting an informational meeting:

Where: Home of Andrew and Becky Hicks – 15147 Nottingham Lane
When: Thursday, January 10th from 8-9pm (light appetizers and beverages will be provided)

We will overview the NW program and the responsibilities of the community.  To note, the primary responsibility is to have Block Captains for each street (some will need 2 or co-captains due to volume). Applications will be available to all those who are interested and willing to serve in this capacity.  The application is fairly straightforward (ie background check, etc) and all completed applications will be gathered after the meeting and delivered to the Frisco Neighborhood Watch Association for review.  Our goal is to make everything simple and effective for you.

So here is what we need from you prior to this meeting.

1)  If you are interested in learning more and plan on attending the meeting please send an RSVP email to Andrew Hicks at with the following information:

Your name
Street you live on
Best contact number

2)  If you are interested in learning more and cannot attend the meeting, please send an email to Andrew Hicks at with the same info as above but please put in the subject line: “Cannot Make NW meeting”

In closing, we look forward to this program increasing the safety of our neighborhood and building a stronger community.  Happy Holidays to all!


Andrew Hicks