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Pool Closure (July 21st)

A baby related “diaper incident” was reported earlier today and the pool will be closed for cleaning. The cleaning process which involves a manual clean, a chlorine shock, a waiting period and then leveling out the chemicals takes about 48 hours total.  Estimated reopening morning 7/24.

Please remember that any diapered or recently potty trained kids should wear swim diapers in the HOA pool.  Regular diapers simply absorb water and do not work well in a pool!

VoSE Neighborhood Watch now via Nextdoor!

An open letter from VoSE Neighborhood Watch:

VoSE Residents,

We'd like to first off thank all of you who have expressed interest in helping create a safer neighborhood, especially in light of the recent news of break-ins in our adjacent neighborhood. We've done some research and have come to the decision to use the website to coordinate and communicate. One of the reasons for this decision is the Frisco Police Department encourages this website and also communicates through it as well. You will also have the capability to get news from neighboring neighborhoods as well as Frisco news in general.

Please send an email to so we can then send you an invite to join the Villages of Stonelake Estates Neighborhood on Once you receive your invitation, it's a pretty simple process to get registered. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your support.


Your Neighborhood Watch!

If you have any questions regarding the VoSE Neighborhood Watch program or about volunteering to be a block captain, click NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH in the categories section (to the right) to see all NW related content.  Also, e-mail the VoSE NW coordinator at with any questions you may have.