Monthly Archives: August 2013

Back To School by the Pool (Pizza Party)

It’s hard to believe that school starts in just a couple of weeks!  Let’s have one last summer celebration with neighbors and friends before the school year begins.  This will be a great opportunity for elementary, middle school & high school kids to  meet some new friends and have some familiar faces to look forward to when classes begin  the following Monday.

When:  Friday August 23rd, 5pm-7pm
Where:  VoSE Community Pool

The HOA will provide pizza & beverages.  Please RSVP to with # of people no later than August 20th.

Pool Closure (Aug 3rd)

Another fecal contamination occurred at the pool late Friday, the second in less than two weeks.  The pool will be closed for cleaning the next two days, reopening on Monday morning.

Please remember that any diapered or recently potty trained kids should wear swim diapers in the HOA pool.  Regular diapers simply absorb water and do not work well in a pool!  If your child is unable to control bladder, PLEASE put them in a swim diaper.  If you don’t, you’ll lose access to the pool.