Monthly Archives: April 2015

Amenities Center design announced

Excel AM presented the VoSE Amenities Center plans at the HOA annual meeting on Monday night.

Amenities Center Front Elevation

Excel passed along the message from Shaddock Development that these plans are non-negotiable and construction will begin in the fall when the swimming season is coming to a close.

VoSE Pool opening soon, access card information

Pool opening is right around the corner.  The swimming pool passed inspection but the City of Frisco identified a problem with entry gates so we have a fix to complete before the pool can be opened.  We hope this repair along with the follow-up city inspection will happen in the next couple weeks.  We will keep you informed.

Are you a new resident and need an access card?  You can get new cards a couple of different ways:

1) Contact the Pool Committee chairperson – Karin Badeau.  Her contact info can be found on the VoSE Directory page and you can also contact her through Facebook if you are a Facebook user.  Karin will set up a time to meet you to get you your pool cards and to collect the required paperwork.  (below)

2) Contact Excel AM.  You will need to provide them a completed waiver and an acknowledgement that you agree to abide by the VoSE Pool rules.

REQUIREMENTS for receiving your access card:

1) up to date HOA dues paid
2) completed pool waiver and acknowledgement of pool rules
3) name must be on Excel’s list of owners. If there are multiple last names in the house and yours is not listed for some reason with Excel, only the registered owner will be able to pick up the card.

If you are contacting Excel for your pool access cards, they will be mailed to your address.  If you pick up your cards from Karin, you’ll need to bring government issued ID matching the homeowner name on the Excel list of owners.

VoSE Pool Waiver Form
VoSE Pool Rules 2015

VoSE Block Party – Rescheduled

Beckley Block Party is being rescheduled to Friday, May 1!! We were trying to avoid a VoSE areial viewrescheduling, but it is becoming inevitable — unless we wanted to rip up some weeds!! Hope to see some neighbors out on a drier day next Friday!!! Same location, same time!! If you are wanting to constructively support the need to get rid of the weeds without roundup on the Beckley field, please come and support the discussion at the HOA Annual Meeting on Monday, April 27. 7:00pm-8:00pm. Our discussions on Facebook are futile, unless neighbors are willing to come show support to the City, who will hopefully be listening. This part of the neighborhood has definitely not been completed per City of Frisco standards!!