Frisco’s Stage 3 Restrictions this Fall and Winter

The hottest part of the year has passed, but mandatory Stage 3 water restrictions, as outlined by the Drought Contingency and Water Emergency Response Plan, will continue because Lavon Lake remains several feet below normal. During Stage 3, planting and watering cool season grasses such as rye or other similar grasses, which raise water needs, are not permitted.

Lawns and landscapes need little to no outdoor watering when temperatures cool. Warm season grasses, such as Bermuda or St. Augustine, will go dormant during fall and winter months. ‘Dormant’ means grasses naturally turn brown during cooler months.

The best thing you can do is simply ‘turn off’ the sprinkler system. There’s no reason to water during fall and winter and it’s important to take this opportunity to save water and help protect our existing water resources for next summer. The North Texas Municipal Water District, Frisco’s wholesale regional water provider, shows Stage 4 (no outdoor watering) projections are still a possibility for 2014 without adequate rainfall next spring.

Outdoor watering with a sprinkler system is still limited to once-per-week only if necessary. The watering schedule is based on location within the residential trash collection day zone and applies to both non-residential and residential customers.

When Central Standard Time begins on Sunday, November 3, 2013, there will be no ‘time of day’ restrictions. Watering with a drip/bubbler system, soaker hoses or a hand-held hose for foundations, pools, and established trees and shrubs are still allowed, if necessary, for up to two hours per day, any day of the week.

Residential and non-residential properties that over seed and irrigate cool season grasses such as Rye with potable water during Stage 3 drought restrictions will be in violation of the City of Frisco’s Water Management Plan. A violation will result in a sprinkler system disconnection and additional fees on their water bills. Continued violations could result in a formal citation and court fines.

For more information about Stage 3, visit the Water Resources website and consider subscribing to Frisco’s weekly WaterWise Email Newsletter. This is the easiest way to remain up-to-date on water restrictions and the weekly lawn watering advice based Frisco’s weather station data.

We appreciate all your effort and continued support as we work to reduce water use across Frisco. I will be following up next week with additional program and outreach material that you can use in your community to further promote and educate your contractors, employees and residents.

Thank you again and please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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